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Our number one job as your project manager is to be detail oriented. We'll make sure attention & organization are applied to the key areas of your project. Our services involve the administration of contract agreements and quality assurance reviews across project milestones.

We prepare and document project activity and status reports for clients, while arranging and obtaining all required permits and clearances. Proper management and communication allows for any issues to be dealt with in a timely and effective way during construction. We’ll monitor your project’s schedule and costs allowing you to focus time on other important areas for your business.

Avoiding Potential Issues

Every project has a variety of challenges that present themselves throughout the process. The key to avoiding and minimizing the impact of unexpected challenges is communication. One of our strengths as managers is our ability to effectively facilitate communication between different levels of the business and project. We work hard to make sure each question that arises has a proper answer, and that no one is making assumptions about the project that could result in an issue.

Reliable Reporting

One of the main roles of your project manager is to monitor and report on projects schedules and costs. Continuous review of the project’s performance allows you to know exactly where the project is financially and can help to identify and resolve equipment or personnel complications before they occur. We thoroughly prepare and document project activities in our status reports for your peace of mind and foresight.

Permits and Clearances

As your project managers we will make sure the proper building permits and bylaw clearances are acquired and in place before your project is held up. Proper organization and planning are key to obtaining the required documentation when building electrical construction projects.

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